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Vehicular Liability

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Legal Update - The Menendez Holding on PIP Pre-Suit Demands and its Consequences to Insurers.

The firm represents standard and non standard insurance carriers and their insureds in the defense of Bodily Injury, Personal Injury Protection, Un/Under Insured Motorist and Property Damage claims. The firm's Automotive Liability Division is seperated into three groups; 1) Soft Tissue team, 2) Surgical team and 3) Catastrophic/Wrongful Death team.

Our Soft Tissue team employs a cost effective, aggressive approach to these claims, utilizing an incomparable medical expert impeachment bank to challenge overzealous claims and questionable medical billing. Our Auto Surgical Team is well equipped to defend and evaluate percutaneous, athroscopic and open surgery claims on the basis of necessity or causation. The catastrophic/wrongful death team is experienced in both liability (accident reconstruction and investigation, human factors, seat belt and occupant kinematics) and the damages issues (vocational, functional capacity and life care plans) that dictate our client's reserves and exposure.

We have defended and tried numerous matters with a wide range of severity and complexity involving several parties, catastrophic injury or wrongful death, hotly contested liability to less complex soft tissue and threshold defense undisputed liability claims. We are adept in advising clients on settlement value according to venue, exposure and coverage under both first and third party auto claims and employ risk analyses to assess litigation outcomes and determine an appropriate case strategy that may mitigate your reserve and exposure. The firm has taken numerous vehicular claims to jury trial in challenging venues.

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